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The congregation of the Lord's body known as the 10th and Rockford church of Christ began meeting in Tulsa in 1916 at the Whittier Elementary School.  In 1922, the property at the northeast corner of 10th Street and Rockford Avenue in Tulsa was purchased, the now converted main building being built there in 1928.  The present auditorium was built in 1955 adjoining that facility, and in 1980 a two story classroom/office facility was added.

But, we are not a building or a piece of property.  We are a group of Christians striving to do what God has commanded in His book, the Bible.  In Acts 2, the Bible tells of the beginning of Christ's church on the day of Pentecost, a Sunday in about 33 A.D.  We know that if we as an organization are called what that first century church was called, are organized the same as it was organized, worship the way it worshiped, perform the same work it performed, and teach what it taught, we can be that same church and as such rightly be called the body of Christ, the church of Christ.

We have no human creeds, man made articles of faith, or earthly headquarters to dictate doctrine to us.  We are an autonomous congregation with the New Testament as our authoritative guide and final authority.  An old restoration motto expresses our intent, "to speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where it is silent."