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by Dalton Key
for the week of June 28, 2020

Have you ever wondered just why it is

That people act as they do?

Why otherwise kindly, benevolent souls

Will act as if meant for the zoo?


You’ve seen it, I’m sure – you’ve witnessed the shame

The stomping, the snorting, the brays,

When a Christian who usually acts as he should

Discovers he can’t have his way.


And then in a way unbecoming his call

He’ll fume and he’ll fuss and he’ll pout,

‘Til the brethren are injured and friendships are lost

And the good name he’s had is worn out.


Dogs can be kenneled; bears can be caged

And kept from attacking at will;

But selfish church members, with unbridled tongues,

Can hurt – perhaps spiritually kill.


Mean-spirited words and vicious remarks

Can bring untold heartache to bear;

A soul can be damaged or maimed – even lost,

When ravaged by those who should care.


The spirit of Jesus is just what we need

When dealing with life’s little hurts;

With His mind as ours – His footsteps our own,

Just think of the improvement at church!