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by Dalton Key
for the week of November 11, 2018 

                            Two preachers preached, though both with a flaw,
                            Concerning our spiritual race;
                            One stated that Christians are under no law
                            The other was blinded by grace.
            The first man proclaimed, with voice loud and bold,
            That God’s children today are not bound;
            That laws and commandments are relics of old,
            And God’s love is all He wrote down.
            “The Word is a love letter – nothing but grace,”
            So said the first preacher again.
            Now while this is partially right, we must face,
            The truth about Christians and sin.
            The grace of God teaches us how we must live,
            How to worship and teach and obey;
            And though we are free, we still must all give,
            Earnest heed to all God has to say.
            The second man preached at the opposite pole,
            A message devoid of God’s love;
            He seemed to be saying, “God gave you a soul,
            A Bible, a brain – that’s enough!”
            He ranted and raved of how guilty we are,
            How hopeless, how hapless our plight;
            But he never made mention of grace from afar,
            That brings life, assurance and light.
            Two preachers preached on, both filled the hour,
            But both missed God’s message that night.
            How needed are men who proclaim heaven’s power,
            And won’t quit till they’ve got it right!”